Challenge the Status Quo
There is a vast opportunity to challenge “the way things have always been done.” I will hold accountable those we have entrusted with running city hall. We need to make government transparent and inclusive – thereby creating a more effective and efficient system.

Create Safer Neighborhoods
Neighborhoods are where we create and form communities. By helping to create the right conditions – safety, trust and civility – people will take ownership of where they live thereby helping to create a more liveable city that will attract residents back from the suburbs and be more business-friendly. We need to craft incentives to get public safety workers living back in the neighborhoods they serve thereby providing protection and commitment to their neighborhoods.

Economic Development
As a community we need to develop funding streams outside of the government. Recent events have only exacerbated our dependency. In addition to creating a friendly business climate for others to move here, we should be incentivizing current businesses to help drive economic forces into our city. They are our biggest champions, because they already took the risk.

Target Blighted Properties
Craft programs and incentives to get Erie residents investing in their homes and businesses again.  This increases home value, ignites passion for neighborhoods, brings pride back into ownership, stops the decline of the housing stock and ultimately reverses the decline in home prices.

Effectively Execute City Plans
Manage the execution of city plans approved by previous council - ultimately leading Erie into the city it was designed to become.

Rob Mahrt

Mahrt is both an entrepreneur and a financial analyst. He is an Erie-based senior consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, a national consulting firm where he serves as a system and financial analyst to the Navy. As an entrepreneur, he previously helped to create M3 Consulting Group which aids federal, state, academic, and corporate entities with the engineering and regulatory challenges that accompany Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and other leading edge technologies.

Currently, Mahrt serves on the board of directors at Lakeshore Community Services, which provides programs and residential care for persons with intellectual disabilities. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business in administration from Ohio University and a graduate certificate in Applied Intelligence from Mercyhurst University. Additionally, he attended the Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C. where he pursued a master of arts degree in statecraft and national security affairs.